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Waterproofing Corrugated Containers

Atmospheric temperature and humidity are factors that could potentially damage products during transportation. However, waterproof cardboard containers are helping to protect packages from humidity and greatly impacting the packaging industry.

The waterproof coating is formed using wax that is made out of petroleum. There are many techniques for wax coating, but the two common types are spraying and cascading. Spraying wax is spraying on the outside of the plastic film, while cascading is pouring the wax substance over the corrugated box. In both cases, the outer shell of the package is the only part that is covered in this wax. While this greatly decreases the amount of moisture that can reach the product, it does not fully protect from all moisture.

Another method for waterproofing these boxes is using a waterproof material called polyethylene. Polyethylene is a malleable material and can vary in density. It is a common material used in many products from shampoo bottles to zip lock bags. Polyethylene is low cost, energy efficient, and provides more protection than the wax dipped corrugated boxes.

While waterproofing methods seem great, and can help protect packages from moisture, packages can still be damaged. Queensland University of Technology has developed a new method to enhance the process of waterproof coating. It uses a material called lignin, which is extracted from grass. This method is recyclable and eco-friendly, which is important because nearly 400,000 tons of wax-coated cardboard makes its way to a landfill every year.

There are many effective ways to waterproof packages. Waxing, polyethylene, and lignin are three of the most common methods used. However, the advancement of waterproof casing is still in progress, and the industry is currently testing numerous other methods.


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